“keep your eyes open, and sometimes your mouth shut” / ad culture

I only watch the Super Bowl for the commercials. I’m proud of myself this year because I didn’t see any of these commercials beforehand just so I wouldn’t be influenced in any way. Here are some observations & a list of my favorites.

Trend: Targeting fathers. It was hard not to notice the number of brands targeting this audience. The most memorable ads targeting dads were from the following: Nissan, Toyota, Dove, & Bright House.


If you’re going to show the friendship between a Clydesdale and an adorable puppy, of course I’m going to like it. You can’t help but smile after watching this Budweiser ad. I also like the subtlety of the owner wearing the Budweiser hat – it’s a non-distracting way of incorporating the logo throughout the spot. #BestBuds


Inspirational is the best way to describe the Be More Human ad by Reebok. The voiceover was on point and the spot felt like storytelling, not selling.


Carnival Corporation’s Come Back to the Sea spot with the JFK voiceover was soothing and memorable. It was their first time advertising during the Super Bowl, and I’m ready for another cruise. Pronto.


I wasn’t expecting an ad like this from McDonald’s, but I do like the approach. The Pay with Lovin’ ad reminds me of the ‘random acts of kindness’ approach other brands are displaying, like MasterCard’s Justin Timberlake #PricelessSurprise.


Unfortunately the only reason an ad focused on domestic violence aired this year was due to all the controversy and news stories surrounding NFL players involved in domestic violence charges. I do think the No More spot is powerful, and really hits your core. It painted a different picture of what domestic violence is like.


Another favorite was the Dodge Challenger commercial. Older, wiser people providing advice on what they’ve learned throughout the years, and associating that with the new Dodge Challenger & what’s to come – works. I think the hashtag usage is fitting as well – #DodgeWisdom.

“Keep your eyes open, and sometimes your mouth shut”


Honorable mentions

I think anything Liam Neeson does is gold, so I’m bias and really loved the Clash of Clans commercial.

The #LikeaGirl spot from Always is powerful and I never mind seeing it.

Anything with Mindy Kaling is charming, and this Nationwide ad was just that.

Was I on mushrooms or just watching the Katy Perry halftime show? Trippy. The highlight was Missy Elliott for sure.


Overall, I was disappointed with the commercials this year. A lot of them blended together.

Now I’m looking forward to reading other blogs about everyone’s favorites. What was yours?